Kazuya AoyamaChairman/Founder

After studying in the USA, Aoyama goes through the school of business management technology and independently develops karaoke shops, restaurants, and a number of prosperous shops, including space projects. Based on the philosophy of “Only the person who actually experienced business experience actually produces” under the philosophy of “Manufacturer of many directly-operated stores as a producer of real production received a offer from Japan all over the country as a producer and expanded the name as a producer business from the industry Attracted attention. We have accumulated experience of space production from all over the country including resort development in Okinawa. After that, entering the IT business, feeling the future and the future of the sharing economy, start a business with Murosaki. My hobbies are karate and tea ceremony. Regarding the tea ceremony, we have the tea name of “Sōya”, inheriting the name of the general teacher in “Urasenke Todaya”.

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