Sheikh HarrithChief Marketing Officer

Sheikh Harit

Sheikh is a marketing guru; a serial entrepreneur and a professional Travel Influencer who manage the Instagram handle of @travelnation, with over 90,000 followers reach in total around the globe. The impressions shown by his Instagram channel are regularly visited and appreciated by over millions of people per week. These statistics makes him one of the biggest Travel Influencers of Instagram. Multiple corporations, travel influencers, bloggers, youtubers, hoteliers, Online Travel Agents and tourism boards are approaching him by sending him their content and enriching his account for travel and advertising options.

This led him to become involved in a marketing and development role and he is responsible for setting up and partnerships of corporations in the travel industries. With a passion for travel, Sheikh Harrith has been actively pursuing of travel conferences and events for the past year with aims to revolutionize the travel industry.

A “doer” by nature, Sheikh is passionate about pulling limited resources together to create something of much greater value. He enjoys making things happen and constantly moving forward. He has been involved in many functions within the business including developing new opportunities and the ability to sell World Trip Singapore’s vision and products are his strong suits.

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